1934 – Here Is My Heart

Here is My Heart (1934, Paramount)

As “J. Paul Jones”

Cast: Kitty Carlisle, Roland Young, Cecelia Parker, Marian Mansfield.

Director: Frank Tuttle

Producer: Louis D. Lighton

Screenwriters: Edwing Justus Mayer & Harlan Thompson

Summary: Successful crooner Crosby pretends to be a waiter in order to woo Russian princess Carlisle in this elegant romantic comedy.

Featured Songs:

  • “Love Is Just Around The Corner”
  • “June In January”
  • “With Every Breath I Take”


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1934 – Just an Echo (short)

Just an Echo (1933, Paramount)

As a Yosemite Valley ranger

Cast: Vernon Dent, Mary Kornman, Carl Harbaugh, Alice Ardell

Producer / Director: Arvid E. Gillstrom

Summary: preventing forest fires and his captain’s daughter are the only things on a young ranger’s mind. Unfortunately, only half of this short remains.

Featured Songs:

  • “Just An Echo In The Valley”
  • “Going, Going, Gone”
  • “Play, Fiddle, Play”
  • “Two Ticket’s To Georgia”
  • You’re Beautiful Tonight, My Dear”


1934 – She Loves Me Not

She Loves Me Not (1934, Paramount)

As “Paul Lawton”

Cast: Kitty Carlisle, Miriam Hopkins, Edward Nugent, Judith Allen, Henry Stephenson, Lynne Overman, Warren Hymer

Director: Elliott Nugent

Screenwriter: Benjamin Glazer

From the play by: Howard Lindsay (from a novel by Edward Hope)

Summary: Hopkins is ebullient as a nightclub performer running from murder scene who hides out with college man Crosby in his Princeton dorm. Comedy and love ensue when the Dean’s beautiful daughter becomes an accomplice. This lighthearted romp gets funnier as it goes along, becoming a delightful early showcase for Bing’s comedic talents.

Featured Songs:

  • “Love In Bloom”
  • “I’m Hummin’, I’m Whistlin’, I’m Singing’”
  • “Straight From The Shoulder”


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1934 – We’re Not Dressing

We’re Not Dressing (1934, Paramount)

As “Steve Jones”

Cast: Carole Lombard, George Burns and Gracie Allen, Ethel Merman, Leon Errol.

Director: Norman Taurog

Producer: Benjamin Glazer

Screenwriters: Horace Jackson, Francis Martin & George Marion Jr.,

Based on a story by Walton Hall Smith and Benjamin Glazer.

Summary: Musical ‘Admirable Crichton’ with rich girl Lombard falling in love with sailor Crosby when entourage is shipwrecked on desert isle. Great fun!

Featured Songs:

  • “Love Thy Neighbor”
  • She Reminds Me of You”
  • “Riding Round in the Rain”
  • “Good Night, Lovely Little Lady”
  • “May I?”
  • “Once In A Blue Moon”


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1935 – Mississippi

Mississippi (1935, Paramount)

As “Tom Grayson”

Cast: W.C. Fields, Joan Bennett, Queenie Smith, Gail Patrick

Director: A. Edward Sutherland

Producer: Arthur Hornblow, Jr.

Screenwriters: Francis Martin & Jack Cunningham

Summary: A fine cast is featured in this musical comedy adventure with riverboat captain W.C. Fields as Commodore Jackson and singer Crosby as Tom Grayson. Fields steals the show as Bing portrays a peace-loving gentleman who wants nothing to do with the Southern tradition of dueling, much to the dismay of his fiancé. Riverboat Captain Commodore Jackson showcases the singing talents of young Tom and manages to trump-up some un-wanted publicity as well. This classic film features a Rodgers-Hart score.

Featured Songs:

  • “”Down by the River”
  • “Soon”
  • “Easy To Remember But So Hard to Forget”


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1935 – Two for Tonight

Two for Tonight (1935, Paramount)

As “Gilbert Gordon”

Cast: Joan Bennett, Lynne Overman, Mary Boland, Thelma Todd

Director: Frank Tuttle

Producer: Douglas MacLean

Screenwriters: George Marion Jr., & Jane Storm from the play by Max Lief & J.O. Lief

Summary: Songwriter Crosby is forced to write musical play in one week. Entertaining slapstick musical.

Featured Songs:

  • “”I Wish I were Aladdin”
  • “Without A Word of Warning”
  • “From the Top of Your Head to the Tip of Your Toes”
  • “Takes Two to Make A Bargain”


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1936 – Rhythm on the Range

Rhythm on the Range (1936, Paramount)

As “Jeff Larrabee”

Cast: Frances Farmer, Bob Burns, Martha Raye

Director: Norman Taurog

Producer: Benjamin Glazer

Screenwriters: Walter DeLeon, Francis Martin, Sidney Salkow & John C. Moffitt

Summary: Spoiled NYC society girl runs away on the eve of her wedding and heads West, tangling with ranch hand Crosby along the way. An engaging slice of featherweight, musical comedy featuring Bing as a crooning cowboy! The Sons of the Pioneers are along for the ride as well!

Featured Songs:

  • “”Empty Saddles”
  • “I’m An Old Cowhand”
  • “Round-up Lullaby”
  • “I Can’t Escape From You”
  • “The House That Jack Built for Jill”


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1936 – The Big Broadcast of 1936

The Big Broadcast of 1936 (1936, Paramount)

Cameo role

Cast: Jackie Oakie, George Burns and Gracie Allen, Lyda Roberti.

Director: Norman Taurog

Producer: Benjamin Glazer

Screenwriters: Walter DeLeon, Francis Martin & Ralph Spence

Summary: Curious muddle of specialty acts and nonsensical plot involving a radio station.

Featured Songs:

  • “I Wished On The Moon”


1937 – Double or Nothing

Double or Nothing (1937, Paramount) As “Lefty Boylan” Cast: Mary Carlisle Martha Raye, Andy Devine, William Frawley Director: Theodore Reed Producer: Benjamin Glazer Screenwriters: Charles Lederer, Erwin Gelsey, John C. Moffitt & Duke Atterberry from a story by M. Coates Webster. Summary: An entertaining musical about four people pitted against each other to double gifts of $5000 within 30 days. Of course, love ensues within all the monetary mayhem! Presented by Sambla.se Featured Songs:
  • “Smarty”
  • “The Moon Got In My Eyes”
  • “It’s The Natural Thing To Do”
  • “All You Want To Do Is Dance”
  • After You”
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