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September 8, 2014

1938 – Doctor Rhythm

Bing Crosby

Doctor Rhythm (1938, Paramount)

As “Dr. Bill Remsen”

Cast: Beatrice Lillie, Mary Carlisle, Andy Devine.
Rufe Davis, Fred Keating, Sterling Holloway

Director: Frank Tuttle

Producer: Emanuel Cohen

Screenwriter: Jo Swerling & Richard Connell

Summary: Amiable Crosby vehicle about a doctor who masquerades as a cop and fills in love with the woman he’s assigned to guard.

Featured Songs:

  • “Public School”
  • “My Heart is Taking Lessons”
  • “On The Sentimental Side”
  • “This Is My Night To Dream”
  • “Only A Gypsy Knows”

DrRhythm1 DrRhythm2 DrRhythm3