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September 8, 2014

1937 – Waikiki Wedding

Bing Crosby

Waikiki Wedding (1937, Paramount)

As “Tony Marvin”

Cast: Shirley Ross, Martha Raye, Bob Burns

Director: Frank Tuttle

Producer: Arthur Hornblower, Jr.

Screenwriters: Don Hartman & Frank Butler

Summary: Light-hearted musical about a freewheeling “idea man” who finds himself in hot water when the winner of a beauty contest he cooked up, for PR purposes, shows up in Honolulu – and says she doesn’t care for it.

Featured Songs:

  • “Sweet Leilani”
  • “In A Little Hula Heaven”
  • “Blue Hawaii”
  • “Sweet Is The Word For You”

WaikikiWedding1 WaikikiWedding2 WaikikiWedding3