1964 – Robin and the 7 Hoods

Robin and the 7 Hoods (1964, Warner Bros., color)

As “Allen A. Dale”

Cast: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Peter Falk, Barbara Rush.

Director: Gordon Douglas

Producer: Frank Sinatra

Executive Producer: Howard W. Koch

Screenplay: David R. Schwartz

Summary: A spoof of the Hollywood Gangster films from the 1930’s with a little Robin Hood mixed in for good measure, Bing portrays Allen A. Dale in a supporting role, but as the ‘big man!’ A Chicago gangster stumbles into philanthropic work during a gang war.

Featured Songs:

  • “Style”
  • “Mr. Booze”
  • “My Kind of Town”
  • “All for One and One for All”
  • “Charlotte Couldn’t Charleston”
  • “Any Man Who Loves His Mother”
  • “Don’t Be a Do-Baddder”
  • “Bang-bang”


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1951 – The Fifth Freedom

The Fifth Freedom (1951, Liggett & Myers, color)

As himself

Along with Arthur Godfrey, Perry Como, and Bob Hope,

Summary: This short-subject film, featuring a variety of other Chesterfield cigarette spokesmen touting “freedom of choice” or the Constitutional freedoms of speech, religion and from want and fear.

Featured Songs:

  • “You’re A Grand Old Flag”

1966 – Cinerama’s Russian Adventure

Cinerama’s Russian Adventure (1966, United Roadshow Presentations, Inc., color)


Summary: A feature length travelogue-documentary made for the Cinerama organization. As part of a Soviet-USA cultural agreement, this film took eight years to make as a Soviet film crew combed the Russian countryside searching for material. Bing narrated the commentary and appears in the prologue of the film for the US and UK releases.


1966 – Stagecoach

Stagecoach (1966, 20th Century Fox, color)

As “Doc Josiah Boone”

Cast: Ann-Margaret, Red Buttons, Alex Cord, Michael Connors, Bob Cummings.

Director: Gordon Douglas

Producer: Martin Rackin

Screenwriter: Joseph Landon & Dudley Nichols from a story by Ernest Haycox

Summary: Remake of ’39 John Ford film.
Bing appears as the drunken Doc Boone, who boards the stagecoach as he is ordered to leave town. He later forces himself into sobriety in order to help a fellow passenger deliver a baby. Bing gives his portrayal of Josiah Boone a tragic-comic touch.


Stagecoach1 Stagecoach2 Stagecoach3 Stagecoach4 Stagecoach5

1952 – Just for You

Just For You (1952, Paramount, color)

As “Jordan Blake”

Cast: Jane Wyman, Ethel Barrymore, Natalie Wood, Robert Arthur.

Director: Elliot Nugent

Producer: Pat Duggan

Screenwriter: Robert Carson

Summary: A zesty musical unfolds when producer Crosby can’t be bothered with his growing children until Wyman shows him the way. This film is peppered with a pleasant Harry Warren/Leo Robin Score, highlighted by “Zing a Little Zong.”

Featured Songs:

  • “He’s Just Crazy for Me”
  • “Just For You”
  • “Zing A Little Zong”
  • “The Live Oak Tree”
  • “A Flight of Fancy”
  • “I’ll Si-Si Ya in Bahia”
  • “On the 10:10, (From Ten-Ten-Tennessee)”


JustForYou1 JustForYou2 JustForYou3 JustForYou4

1952 – Road to Bali

Road to Bali (1952, Paramount, color)

As “George Cochran”

Cast: Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, Murvyn Vye, Peter Coe

Director: Hal Walker

Producer: Harry Tugend

Screenwriter: Frank Butler, Hal Kanter & Bill Morrow from a story by Frank Butler & harry Tugend

Summary: The sixth adventure, and the first color film, in the ‘Road’ picture series has lush trapping, many guest stars, and hearty laughs. A couple of second-rate vaudevillians make a dash from a number of irate parents waiting with their swooning daughters. Their get-a-way lands them in Bali where they cross paths with Princess Lalah McTavish. Scottish kilts and Balinese hijinks combine for a great film romp!

Featured Songs:

  • “The Merry Go Runaroudn”
  • “Chicago Style”
  • “Hoot-Mon”
  • “To See You”
  • “Moonflowers”


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