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August 8, 2023


Picture this: it’s 1937, and the legendary Bing Crosby has a brilliant idea. Why not gather some Hollywood pals and pro golfers, hit the greens, and then celebrate with a mouthwatering clambake? The Crosby Clambake was born, and little did they know, it would shape both the golf and Hollywood worlds for years to come. As Bing sang in his famous song “Anthem of the Clams,” he captured the essence of the clambake spirit, drawing people together over a delicious seafood feast.

Fast forward to today, and Narragansett Beer, the “Official Beer of the Clam”, has taken inspiration from this timeless tradition to re-introduce our a Lager Clam Can that pays homage to the man, the song, and the clambake that started it all. The famous Hi-Neighbor ribbon has been replaced by a good ol’ fashioned clam boil recipe for you to make and enjoy with all your loved ones.

Mark Hellendrung, the President of Narragansett Beer, shares his love for Bing’s tune and the memories it evokes, reminiscing about clamming in Maine and enjoying refreshing ‘Gansett brews with friends in Newport. The combination of beer and clams, he believes, is the ultimate symbol of coming together with others, sharing stories, and enjoying good times.

Harry Crosby, speaking on behalf of the Crosby family, expresses their excitement in celebrating these great traditions with Narragansett Beer. They are thrilled to see friends and families gathering to share the joy of clams and beer, just as Bing envisioned back in the day.

So, whether you find yourself on the Monterey Peninsula’s golf mecca or relaxing on the picturesque beaches of Rhode Island, this Lager Clam Can is your ticket to savoring the New England lifestyle. It’s a toast to heritage, a tribute to Bing Crosby’s clambake legacy, and a reminder that some things just get better with time.

So, this summer, gather your friends, fire up the grill, and crack open some Lager Clam Cans as you celebrate the shared love for good times, good company, and a taste of the sea. Embrace the New England spirit, and let Narragansett Beer’s Lager Clam Can be the soundtrack to your clambake adventures!

Cheers to clams, cans, and unforgettable moments! 🍻🦪