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September 9, 2014

1954 – The Country Girl

Bing Crosby

The County Girl (1954, Paramount)

As “Frank Elgin”

Cast: Grace Kelly, William Holden, Anthony Ross, Gene Reynolds.

Director/Writer: George Seaton

Producers: William Perlberg & George Seaton

Summary: Grace Kelly in her Oscar winning performance as Georgie Elgin, the wife of an alcoholic singer Frank Elgin (Crosby) who is trying for a comeback via the help of theater director Bernie Dodd (Holden). Crosby excels in one of his finest roles and received an Oscar nomination for his performance.

Featured Songs:

  • “The Search Is Through”
  • “The Land Around Us”
  • “Dissertation On The State Of Bliss”
  • “It’s Mine, It’s Yours”

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