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September 9, 2014

1948 – The Emperor Waltz

Bing Crosby

The Emperor Waltz (1948, Paramount, color))

As “Virgil Smith”

Cast: Joan Fontaine, Roland Culver, Richard Haydn.

Director: Billy Wilder

Producer: Charles Brackett

Screenwriters: Charles Brackett & Billy Wilder

Summary: An atypical musical set in Franz Joseph’s Austria at the turn of the previous century with Bing selling record players to royalty. After a variety of trials and tribulations, Crosby’s Virgil, Fontaine’s Countess — and Virgil’s scene-stealing dog Buttons — waltz their way to a happy ending. This distinctively enchanted fairy tale telling was an unusual light-hearted musical turn for director, Billy Wilder.

Featured Songs:

  • “”I Kiss Your Hand Madame”
  • “The Kiss In Your Eyes”
  • “Friendly Mountains”
  • “Get Yourself a Phonograph”
  • “The Emperor’s Waltz”

EmperorWaltz3 EmperorWaltz4