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September 9, 2014

1946 – Blue Skies

Bing Crosby

Blue Skies (1946, Paramount, color)

As “Johnny Adams”

Cast: Fred Astaire, Joan Caulfield, Billy DeWolfe, Olga San Juan

Director: Stuart Heisler

Producer: Sol C. Heisler

Screenwriter: Arthur Sheekman

Summary: The talents from “Holiday Inn” return to the silver screen in this acclaimed musical. Crosby and Astaire play one-time show-biz partners whose rivalry is retold through a series of flashbacks set to another memorable Irving Berlin score.

Featured Songs:

  • “I’ve Got My Captain Working For Me Now”
  • “All By Myself”
  • “I’ll See You In Cuba”
  • “A Couple of Song and Dance Men”
  • “You Keep Coming Back Like a Song”
  • “Always”
  • “Blue Skies”

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