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September 9, 2014

1940 – If I Had My Way

Bing Crosby

If I Had My Way (1940, Universal)

As “Buzz Blackwell”

Cast: Gloria Jean, Charles Winninger, El Brendel, Alyson Joslyn.

Director / Producer: David Butler

Screenwriters: William Conselman & James V. Kern from a story of David Butler, William Conselman & James V. Kern.

Summary: A heartwarming Crosby vehicle in which bridge-worker Bing helps an orphaned little Gloria find her rightful guardian. A colorful cast of character actors and vaudevillian performers round out this charming film, showcasing Bing’s talents for working with young people.

Featured Songs:

  • ”Meet The Sun Halfway”
  • “I Haven’t Time To Be a Millionaire”
  • “Pessimistic Character”
  • “If I Had My Way”
  • “April Played The Fiddle”

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