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September 8, 2014

1939 – The Star Maker

Bing Crosby

The Star Maker (1939, Paramount)

As “Larry Earl”

Cast: Linda Ware, Louise Campbell, Ned Sparks, Thurston Hall, Janet Waldo

Director: Roy Del Ruth

Producer: Charles R. Rogers

Screenwriters: Frank Butler, Don Hartman & Arthur Ceasar from a story by Arthur Ceasar & William Pierce

Summary: Crosby plays Gus Edwards (although this is only suggested, as his character has another name), vaudeville impresario who turned talented youngsters into stars.

Featured Songs:

  • “Jimmy Valentine”
  • “A Man and His Dream”
  • “If I Was A Millionaire”
  • “Go Fly A Kite”
  • “I Wonder Whose Kissing Her Now”
  • “An Apple For The Teacher”
  • “Still The Bluebird Sings”

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