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September 8, 2014

1933 – Too Much Harmony

Bing Crosby

Too Much Harmony (1933, Paramount)

As “Eddie Bronson,” the Broadway musical star.

Cast: Judith Allen, Jack Oakie, Skeets Gallagher.

Director: A. Edward Sutherland

Producer: William Le Baron

Screenwriter: Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Summary: Bing portrays an easygoing crooner, caught between two woman. Good girl, (Judith Allen) and bad girl (Lilyan Tashman) keep Bing on his toes in this pleasant, if plotty, backstage musical with some good song numbers.

Featured songs:

  • “The Day You Came Along”
  • “Boo-boo-boo”
  • “Thanks”

TooMuchHarmony1 TooMuchHarmony3