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September 8, 2014

1932 – Dream House (Mack Sennett short)

Bing Crosby

Dream House (1931, Mack Sennett)

Bing appears as “Bing Fawcett”

Cast: Ann Christy, Katherine Clare Ward, Eddie Phillips, William Davison, Vernon Dent.

Director: Del Lord

Story & Dialogue: John A. Waldron, Earle Rodney, Harry McCoy and Lew Foster

Summary: Earnest plumber, Bing, builds a dream house for his fiancé, while her mother has other plans. Young Betty’s mother whisks her off to Hollywood in pursuit of a film career. Bing follows to tinsel town to recovery his fiancé and return her to her dream house.

Featured Songs:

  • “Dream House”
  • “It Must Be True”
  • “When I Take My Sugar To Tea”
  • “Merrily We Roll Along”

Short film.

DreamHouse1 DreamHouse2 DreamHouse3 DreamHouse4