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Welcome to the vault of Bing Crosby, where you’ll find a wide array of Bing recordings, performances and appearances that celebrate the voice and style of one of the world’s greatest entertainers!


The most electronically recorded man in history, Bing Crosby was an ever-present voice – and face – throughout every major form of media within the 20th Century. Bing appeared on over 4,000 radio broadcasts and single-handedly changed radio from a live-performance forum to a pre-recorded medium by presenting the first transcribed network show on ABC in 1946. A legendary film and television star, Bing continued to support the development of many technological advances, which paved the way to the digital technologies we enjoy today.

Performer, host, spokesman or pitchman, Bing’s easy-going manner and natural talents continue to make him a favorite with fans of all ages and thanks to Bing’s foresight, innovation and talents, audiences can still enjoy a wide variety of special, unusual and rare offerings found here within Bing’s Media Vault!