Remastered Crosby Radio Shows to Debut on SiriusXM 40s Channel Starting July 4!

Debut: Bing Crosby Radio Show Mon 7/4 6:00 pm ET Through the 1940s and beyond, Bing Crosby hosted 30-minute radio programs for Kraft™, Philco™, and others. These programs have become collector’s classics, and have not been heard on the radio in their pristine original quality .. until now! SiriusXM has combed through Bing’s archives, and acquired newly remastered original copies and will debut the weekly airing of The Bing Crosby Show starting on July 4th.

 Bing on Radio

From The Mitchell Boys Choir to The Lettermen

He had a photographic memory; he’d hear a tune once and sing it back, note for note and pitch perfect. No, it wasn’t Bing Crosby this time, but it *was* Tony Butala, one-time member of the Bob Mitchell Boys’ Choir and founder and still-active member of The Lettermen.

The Crosby connection? As a member of the Mitchell Boys’ Choir in 1954, Tony was one of the cherubs featured in the finale of the film “White Christmas”. We’ll tell you which one a bit later.

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