1957 – Man on Fire

Man on Fire (1957, MGM)

As “Earl Carleton”

Cast: Inger Stevens, E.G. Marshall, Mary Fickett, Malcolm Broderick.

Director: Ranald MacDougall

Producer: Sol C. Siegel

Screenwriter: Ranald MacDougall

Summary: Divorced father Earl Carleton (Crosby) refuses to grant his re-married ex-wife (Inger Stevens) partial custody of their son.

Featured Song:

  • “Man On Fire”


ManOnFire1 ManOnFire4 ManOnFire5

1959 – Say One for Me

Say One for Me (1959, 20th Century Fox, color)

As “Father Conroy”

Cast: Debbie Reynolds, Robert Wagner, Ray Walston, Frank McHugh.

Director/Producer: Frank Tashlin

Screenwriter: Robert O’Brien

Summary: Bing’s third performance as a priest at a Catholic church whose parish is in the theatrical heart of New York – Broadway. Father Conroy (Crosby) gets entwined within the lives of his parishioners including a chorus girl (Debbie) and a would-be, slightly shady impresario (Wagner) as they try to put on a TV charity show.

Featured Songs:

  • “Say One For Me”
  • “I Couldn’t Care Less”
  • “The Secret of Christmas”