1942 – Road to Morocco

Road to Morocco (1942, Paramount)

As “Jeff Peters”

Cast: Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour, Anthony Quinn, Dona Drake

Director: David Butler

Producer: Paul Jones

Screenwriters: Frank Butler & Don Hartman

Summary: The third outing of the campy ‘Road’ pictures, Bing sells Bob to slave-trader in mysterious Morocco, as both go-after princess Lamour.

Featured Songs:

  • “Road To Morocco”
  • “Ain’t Got A Dime To My Name”
  • “Moonlight Becomes You”


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1942 – Star Spangled Rhythm

Star-Spangled Rhythm (1942, Paramount)

As himself, cameo appearance

Cast: Bob Hope, Ray Milliand, Fred MacMurray, Alan Ladd, Dick

Powell, Dorothy Lamour, Paulette Goddard, Mary Martin, Susan Hayward.

Director: George Marshall

Screenwriter: Harry Tugend

Summary: Paramount’s star-studded WWII extravaganza, filled with songs, sketches and salutes!

Featured Song:

  • “Old Glory”


1943 – Dixie

Dixie (1943, Paramount)

As “Dan Emmett”

Cast: Dorothy Lamour, Marjorie Reynolds, Billy De Wolfe, Eddie Foy Jr.

Director: A. Edward Sutherland

Screenwriter: Karl Tunberg & Darrell Ware from a story by William Ranking adapted by Claude Binyon

Summary: A lose biography of pioneer minstrel and composer Daniel Decatur Emmett, who wrote such classics as “old Dan Tucker” as well as the title song.

Featured Songs:

  • “Sunday, Monday Or Always”
  • “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”
  • “Old Dan Tucker”
  • “The Last Rose of Summer”
  • “She’s From Missouri”
  • “A Horse That Knows The Way Back Home”
  • “If You Please”
  • “Dixie”


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1943 – Show Business at War

Show Business at War (1943, 20th Century Fox)

As himself

Featuring: Louis Armstrong, James Cagney, W.C. Fields, Bob Hope, Clark Gable, Carole Lombard and Walt Disney.

Summary: Short-subject film put on by Hollywood to support the war effort. Unfortunately there are only short, brief clips of the various Hollywood celebs doing their part for the cause!


1944 – Going My Way

Going My Way (1944, Paramount)

As “Father Chuck O’Malley”

Cast: Rise Stevens, Barry Fitzgerald, Frank McHugh, Gene Lockhart, William Frawley, Porter Hall.

Director/Producer: Leo McCarey

Screenwriters: Frank Butler & Frank Cavett from a story by Leo McCarey

Summary: Leo McCarey’s sentimental story of a down-to-earth priest, who wins over an aging superior and sidewalk gang of kids, is hard to resist. Bing’s memorable performance garnered a Best Actor Academy Award!

Featured Songs:

  • “Going My Way”
  • “Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ra”
  • “Day After Forever”
  • “Swingin’ On A Star”


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1944 – Here Come the Waves

Here Come the Waves (1944, Paramount)

As “Johnny Cabot”

Cast: Betty Hutton, Sonny Tufts, Ann Doran, Gwen Crawford.

Director/Producer: Mark Sandrich

Screenwriters: Allan Scott, Ken Englund & Zion Myers

Summary: A zippy wartime music-comedy with Crosby cleverly cast as a Sinatra-like crooner, the idol of bobby-soxers, who joins the Navy, and becomes involved with twin sisters. Betty Hutton appears in a dual role as the twin sisters with opposite personalities!

Featured Songs:

  • “My Mama Thinks I’m A Star”
  • “I Promise You”
  • “Let’s Take the Long Way Home”
  • “Here Come The Waves”
  • “There’s a Fellow Waiting in Poughkeepsie”
  • “Accentuate the Positive”


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1945 – Duffy’s Tavern

Duffy’s Tavern (1945, Paramount)

As himself in a sketch with Jean Heather, Helen Walker, Gail Russell.

Cast: Ed Gardner, Victor Moore, Marjorie Reynolds.

Director: Hal Walker

Screenwriters: Melvin Frank & Norman Panama

Summary: Another one of Paramount’s ‘All Star Cast’ films, this lighthearted musical comedy centers around characters from Ed Gardner radio show who are trying to save the fictional Duffy’s Tavern.

Featured Songs:

  • “Swinging On A Star” – parody
  • “Learn To Croon”
  • “Please”
  • “Love In Bloom”


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