1937 – Waikiki Wedding

Waikiki Wedding (1937, Paramount)

As “Tony Marvin”

Cast: Shirley Ross, Martha Raye, Bob Burns

Director: Frank Tuttle

Producer: Arthur Hornblower, Jr.

Screenwriters: Don Hartman & Frank Butler

Summary: Light-hearted musical about a freewheeling “idea man” who finds himself in hot water when the winner of a beauty contest he cooked up, for PR purposes, shows up in Honolulu – and says she doesn’t care for it.

Featured Songs:

  • “Sweet Leilani”
  • “In A Little Hula Heaven”
  • “Blue Hawaii”
  • “Sweet Is The Word For You”


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1938 – Doctor Rhythm

Doctor Rhythm (1938, Paramount)

As “Dr. Bill Remsen”

Cast: Beatrice Lillie, Mary Carlisle, Andy Devine.
Rufe Davis, Fred Keating, Sterling Holloway

Director: Frank Tuttle

Producer: Emanuel Cohen

Screenwriter: Jo Swerling & Richard Connell

Summary: Amiable Crosby vehicle about a doctor who masquerades as a cop and fills in love with the woman he’s assigned to guard.

Featured Songs:

  • “Public School”
  • “My Heart is Taking Lessons”
  • “On The Sentimental Side”
  • “This Is My Night To Dream”
  • “Only A Gypsy Knows”


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1938 – Sing, You Sinners

Sing You Sinners (1938, Paramount)

As “Joe Beebe”

Cast: Fred MacMurray, Donald O’ Connor, Elizabeth Patterson, Ellen Drew

Director / Producer: Wesley Ruggles

Story & Screenwriter: Claude Binyon

Summary: Gambling, carefree crooner Crosby can’t face responsibility, despite the prodding of his older brother. Critically received as a fine film which showcases the musical talents of a young Donald O’Connor and Fred MacMurray (who knew?!)

Featured Songs:

  • “I’ve Got A Pocketful of Dreams”
  • “Don’t Let That Moon Get Away”
  • “Laugh and Call It Love”
  • “Small Fry”
  • “Shall We Gather At the River”


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1939 – East Side of Heaven

East Side of Heaven (1939, Universal)

As “Denny Martin”

Cast: Joan Blondell, Irene Harvey, Jerome Cowan, Mischa Auer.

Director: David Butler

Producer: Herbert Polesie

Screenwriter: William Conselman from a story by David Butler & Herbert Polesie

Summary: Cute Crosby comedy with songs where Bing becomes the guardian of an abandoned baby. There’s plenty of misunderstandings and musical making-up along the way.

Featured Songs:

  • “Fifty Years Ago Today”
  • “Now That You Are Man and Wife”
  • “Sing A Song of Sunbeams”
  • “Hang Your Heart On A Hickory Limb”
  • “That Sly Old Gentleman”
  • “East Side of Heaven”


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1939 – Paris Honeymoon

Paris Honeymoon (1939, Paramount)

As “Lucky Lawton”

Cast: Shirley Ross, Franciska Gaal, Akim Tamiroff, Edward Everett Horton.

Director: Frank Tuttle

Producer: Harlan Thompson

Screenwriters: Frank Butler & Don Hartman from a story by Angela Sherwood.

Summary: Millionaire cowboy Crosby visits France planning to marry the Countess de Remi (Ross), but meets a native girl (Gaal) and falls in love with her. This is one of only two American films that the talented Franciska Gaal appeared in. The other was 1938’s “The Buccaneer.”

Featured Songs:

  • “I Have Eyes”
  • “You’re A Sweet Little Headache”
  • Funny Old Hills”
  • “Joobalai”
  • “I Ain’t Got Nobody


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1939 – The Star Maker

The Star Maker (1939, Paramount)

As “Larry Earl”

Cast: Linda Ware, Louise Campbell, Ned Sparks, Thurston Hall, Janet Waldo

Director: Roy Del Ruth

Producer: Charles R. Rogers

Screenwriters: Frank Butler, Don Hartman & Arthur Ceasar from a story by Arthur Ceasar & William Pierce

Summary: Crosby plays Gus Edwards (although this is only suggested, as his character has another name), vaudeville impresario who turned talented youngsters into stars.

Featured Songs:

  • “Jimmy Valentine”
  • “A Man and His Dream”
  • “If I Was A Millionaire”
  • “Go Fly A Kite”
  • “I Wonder Whose Kissing Her Now”
  • “An Apple For The Teacher”
  • “Still The Bluebird Sings”


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