1932 – The Big Broadcast

The Big Broadcast (1932, Paramount)

As “Bing Hornsby”

Cast: Stuart Erwin, Leila Hyams, George Burns and Gracie Allen.

Director: Frank Tuttle

Summary: A failing radio station is taken over by a millionaire, who presents an all-star show featuring Bing and many other radio stars.

Featured Songs:

  • “”Here Lies Love”
  • “Please”
  • “Where The Blue of the Night Meets the Gold of the Day”


BigBcast1 BigBcast2 BigBcast36 BigBcast4

1933 – Blue of the Night (Mack Sennett short)

Blue of the Night (1931, Mack Sennett)

Bing appears as himself

Cast: Franklin Pangborn, Margie ‘Babe’ Kane, Franklin Pangborn, Bud Jamison, Toby Wing.

Director: Leslie Pearce

Summary: Mistakenly assumed as newly-weds, Bing and a young girl follow suit and eventually fall in love. This film makes the screen debut of Bing’s signature song “Where The Blue Of The Night Meets The Gold Of The Day.”

Featured Songs:

  • “Where The Blue Of The Night Meets The Fold Of the Day”
  • Auf Weidersehen, My Dear”
  • “My Silent Love”
  • “Every Time My Heart Beats”

Short film.

BlueOfTheNite1 BlueOfTheNite2 BlueOfTheNite3 BlueOfTheNite4 BlueOfTheNite5

1933 – College Humor

College Humor (1933, Paramount)

Bing appears as “Prof. Fredrick Danvers,” Professor of Drama

Cast: Jack Oakie, Mary Carlisle, George Burns and Gracie Allen.

Director: Wesley Ruggles

Screenwriters: Claude Binyon & Frank Butler from a story by Dean Fales

Summary: College was never like this! Hokey, entertaining rah-rah musical where co-ed cuties ‘Learn to Croon’ with Bing as a professor!

Featured songs:

  • “The Old Ox Road”
  • “Learn To Croon”
  • “Play Ball”
  • “Moonstruck”


CollegeHumor1 CollegeHumor2

1933 – Going Hollywood

Going Hollywood (1933, MGM)

As “Bill Williams”

Cast: Marion Davies, Fifi D’Orsay, Stuart Erwin, Patsy Kelly, Ned Sparks, Bobby Watson

Director: Raoul Walsh

Screenwriter: Donald Ogden Stewart

Story by: Frances Marion

Summary: Enjoyable fluff with Davies following crooner Crosby to Hollywood determined to win him away from tempestuous screen star D’Orsay.

Featured Songs:

  • “Temptation”
  • We’ll Make Love When It Rains”
  • “Our Big Love Scene”


GoingHwood1 GoingHwood2 GoingHwood3

1933 – Please (short)

Please (1933, Paramount)

Bing appears as “Howard Jones.”

Cast: Mary Kornman, Vernon Dent, Dick Elliot and Dickie Kilby.

Producer / Director: Arvid E. Gillstrom

Summary: Two dueling suitors vie for the heart of the town’s beautiful music teacher.

Featured Songs:

  • “Please”
  • “You’re Getting To be A Habit With Me”
  • “I Don’t Stand A Ghost of a Chance”

Short film.

Please1 Please2 Please3 Please4 Please5

1933 – Sing, Bing, Sing (Mack Sennett short)

Sing, Bing, Sing (1931, Mack Sennett-Paramount)

Bing appears as himself

Cast: Irving Bacon, Florine McKinney, Franklin Pangborn, Arthur Stone

Director: Babe Stafford

Summary: Hoping to elope, Bing and his would-be fiancé can’t seem to get connected thanks to the meddling of her disapproving father and her current fiancé.

Featured Songs:

  • “Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea”
  • “Snuggled On Your Shoulder”
  • Loveable”

Short film.

SingBingSing1 SingBingSing2

1933 – Too Much Harmony

Too Much Harmony (1933, Paramount)

As “Eddie Bronson,” the Broadway musical star.

Cast: Judith Allen, Jack Oakie, Skeets Gallagher.

Director: A. Edward Sutherland

Producer: William Le Baron

Screenwriter: Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Summary: Bing portrays an easygoing crooner, caught between two woman. Good girl, (Judith Allen) and bad girl (Lilyan Tashman) keep Bing on his toes in this pleasant, if plotty, backstage musical with some good song numbers.

Featured songs:

  • “The Day You Came Along”
  • “Boo-boo-boo”
  • “Thanks”


TooMuchHarmony1 TooMuchHarmony3