1930 – King of Jazz

King of Jazz (1930, Universal, color)
Featured with Rhythm Boys.

Cast: Paul Whiteman & his Orchestra.

Summary: Million-dollar musical revue, shot in two-color Technicolor process, is filled with larger-than-life production numbers and wonderful songs. Highlights include Walter Lantz’s cartoon sequence, Joe Venuti’s swing violin, young Bing Crosby with the Rhythm Boys, and, of course, Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue”.

Featured Songs:

  • “My Lord Deliver Daniel” sung by Bing
  • “Mississippi Mud” w/ The Rhythm Boys
  • “So The Bluebirds and the Blackbirds Got Together” – w/ The Rhythm Boys

Short film – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0021025/

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1930 – Reaching for the Moon

Reaching for the Moon (1930, United Artists)
Cameo appearance.

Cast: Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., Bebe Daniels, Edward Everett Horton.

Writer & Director: Edmund Goulding

Producer: Joseph M. Schenck

Summary: Depression comedy remake from a 1917 silent film starring Douglas Fairbanks. This remake, depicting the effect of booze on financier Fairbanks, was originally intended as a musical with Irving Berlin prepping a full score. Unfortunately only two songs were ultimately incorporated into this final version. Bing filmed his scene late at night after finishing his show at the Cocoanut Grove. Bing was uncredited in the initial release, but received featured billing in the film’s 1946 re-issue.

Featured Songs:

  • “When The Folks High Up Do The Mean Low-Down” sung by Bing, Bebe Daniels and June McCloy.

Short film – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0021287/


1930 – Two Plus Fours (short)

Two Plus Fours (1930, Pathe)
Featured with the Rhythm Boys.

Cast: Nat Carr, Thelma Hill

Director: Raymond McCarey

Screenwriters: Raymond McCarey and Charles Callahan

Summary: Originally beginning as a one-reel film entitled “Ripstitch The Tailor,” it is believed this film was extended to a two-reeler during production with the new title of “Two Plus Fours.” Bing & the Rhythm Boys deliver a scat version of a later Rudy Vallee hit song.

Featured Song:

  • “The Stein Song”

Short film – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0021496/


1931 – Confessions of a Co-Ed

Confessions of a Co-Ed (1931, Paramount Pictures)

Cameo as band vocalist w/ The Rhythm Boys

Cast: Sylvia Sidney, Phillips Holmes, Norman Foster, Claudia Dell

Directors: David Burton & Dudley Murphy

Summary: Bing appears in this short film with The Rhythm Boys as entertainers at a school dance.

Featured Songs:

  • “Out Of Nowhere”
  • “Ya Got Love”
  • “Just One More Chance” – recorded, but edited from the film

Short film. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0021758/

1931 – I Surrender Dear (Mack Sennett short)

I Surrender Dear (1931, Mack Sennett)

Featured as himself

Cast: Arthur Stone, Marion Sayers

Director: Mack Sennett

Story & Dialogue by: John A. Waldron, Earle Rodney and Harry McCoy

Summary: Mishaps, meddling mothers and mistaken cues trip up the inevitable love of Bing and ‘The Girl’ in this lighthearted one-reeler.

Featured Songs:

  • “I Surrender Dear”
  • “At Your Command”
  • “Out of Nowhere”
  • “A Little Bit of Heaven”

Short film – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0021987/

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1931 – Just One More Chance

Just One More Chance (1931, Mack Sennett-Atlantic Pictures)

Bing appears as “Bing Bangs” & ‘Sunny’ Monday

Cast: Arthur Stone, Patsy O’Leary, Matty Kemp

Director: Mack Sennett

Story & Dialogue: John Al Waldron, Earle Rodney, Harry McCoy and Lew Foster.

Summary: Bing stars as a somewhat mis-cast, but earnest salesman for ‘Magic’ washing machines. Trying to make a ‘go’ of it for he and his young wife Ethel, Bing’s washing machine sales efforts land him in hot water. Ethel’s grumbling Uncle Joe expresses dismay at her choice of husbands, but Bing receives a promotion across country. Mayhem ensues when husband, wife, uncle and Ethel’s previous suitor, Percy Howard, venture on a cross country trek to pursue a happy ending.

Featured Songs:

  • “”Just One More Chance”
  • “Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams”
  • “I Surrender Dear”
  • “I’d Climb The Highest Mountain”

Short film – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0022230/

OneMoreChance1 OneMoreChance2 OneMoreChance3 OneMoreChance4

1932 – Billboard Girl (Mack Sennett short)

Billboard Girl (1931, Mack Sennett-Atlantic Pictures)

Bing appears as himself

Cast: Marjorie Kane, Dick Stewart, Jimmy Eagles, Lincoln Stedman, George Pearce

Director: Leslie Pearce

Story & Dialogue: John A. Waldron, Earle Rodney, Harry McCoy and Lew Foster

Summary: Meddling friends cause mayhem when Bing falls in love with the picture of a young college co-ed featured on a billboard.

Featured Songs:

  • “Were You Sincere”
  • “Pop Goes The Weasel”
  • “For You”

Short film.

BillboardGirl1 BillboardGirl2 BillboardGirl3 BillboardGirl4

1932 – Dream House (Mack Sennett short)

Dream House (1931, Mack Sennett)

Bing appears as “Bing Fawcett”

Cast: Ann Christy, Katherine Clare Ward, Eddie Phillips, William Davison, Vernon Dent.

Director: Del Lord

Story & Dialogue: John A. Waldron, Earle Rodney, Harry McCoy and Lew Foster

Summary: Earnest plumber, Bing, builds a dream house for his fiancé, while her mother has other plans. Young Betty’s mother whisks her off to Hollywood in pursuit of a film career. Bing follows to tinsel town to recovery his fiancé and return her to her dream house.

Featured Songs:

  • “Dream House”
  • “It Must Be True”
  • “When I Take My Sugar To Tea”
  • “Merrily We Roll Along”

Short film.

DreamHouse1 DreamHouse2 DreamHouse3 DreamHouse4