TV Movies

With the format of television changing and expanding, it was only natural for Bing to enter into the foray of made-for-TV-movies. These offered Bing a familiar movie genre with a wider reach to home audiences.

HIGH TOR – CBS Ford Star Jubilee – March 10th, 1956
A Broadway success that seemed to get lost in it’s translation to television.


Directed by James Neilsen, w/ Julie Andrews, Nancy Olsen, Everett Sloane, Lloyd Corrigan and Hans Conreid.

“I read the script again and I think this can be quite a nice film. I don’t know about its commercial potentialities or whether or not audiences will understand it completely, but that doesn’t worry me. I would rather be associated with something like this that at least represents an effort to achieve something lofty, than to fall into the rut of all that other bilge that is being produced these days for TV.” – Bing Oct. 1955 letter to George Rosenberg.

THE DEMON UNDER THE BED – NBC – October 9th, 1967
Bing makes a rare television dramatic appearance on Danny Thomas’ Monday night show. Portrays an aging performer in search of himself, followed by a photographer who attempts to ‘unmask’ the troubled performer and reveal the true man. This made-for-tv-movie also marks the television debut of Bing’s daughter, Mary!
Directed by Peter Tewkesbury, with George Maharis, Joan Collins and Fray Frances Crosby.


GOLDILOCKS – NBC – March 31st, 1970
A glossy television movie featuring original songs by the legendary Sherman Brothers, animation, live action and a family affair with young Mary Crosby in the lead role.
Directed by Marc Breaux, with the voices of Paul Winchell and Avery Schreiber and featuring Nathaniel Crosby, Mary Frances Crosby and Kathryn Crosby.