The Bing Crosby Show

“There’s no question in my mind as to what TV format would be best for me. I’m investigating the possibility of a filmed half-hour show, employing motion picture techniques…”

In the fall of 1964, Bing made a brief excursion into the world of sitcoms with ‘The Bing Crosby Show.’


The role of ‘Bing Collins’ was tailor fit for Bing – even to the point of sharing the same initials with his character so he could use his own monogramed handkerchiefs, shirts and cufflinks, if desired. Crosby’s alter ego, ‘Collins’ was a natural extension of Bing himself – the witty, easy-going, happily married family man was an engineer and consultant to a nearby university. His ‘past’ included stints within the armed forces, show biz and vaudeville so music and various performances weren’t too far off base. Together, with his TV wife “Ellie” (portrayed by Beverly Garland), two teen-aged daughters (Carol Faylen and Diane Sherry), there’s plenty of opportunity for Bing to extol sound advice and sing a little each week. Joining in each week was Collin’s wartime buddy Willie (comedian Frank McHugh) who dropped in for a meal and just never left.

Guest stars included: Gary Crosby, Phil Harris, Ulla Jacobsson, The McGuire Sisters, Burl Ives and Mel Torme.

28 episodes filmed within 31 weeks