1950 – Mr. Music

Mr. Music (1950, Paramount)

As “Paul Merrick”

Cast: Nancy Olson, Charles Coburn, Robert Stack, Groucho Marx, Peggy Lee.

Director: Richard Haydn

Producer: Robert L. Welch

Screenwriter: Arthur Sheekman

Summary: An easy-going vehicle for crooner Crosby as a Broadway songwriter who wants to live the easy life. Essentially a remake of “Accent on Youth.”

Featured Songs:

  • “Life is So Peculiar”
  • “High on the List”
  • “Wouldn’t It Be Funny”
  • “Wasn’t I There?”
  • “Mr. Music”
  • “Once More the Blue and White”
  • “Milady”
  • “Then You’ll Be Home”


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